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Oracle Apex 23.1 Template Component

Bug or Feature ?

Should work in Cards Region.. but..

Info from Oracle:

Currently,  the Template Components cannot be used inside a Cards region. The reason is that Template Components are rendered on the server and Cards on the client.

We hope to lift this restriction in a future release, we’d like to push the Template Components to the client when needed. We must make sure the functionality is equal, currently the templates behave slightly different.

You can use the {with/} and {apply/} syntax in cards but this is undocumented. You first need to call apex.util.defineTemplates:


    name: „MY_TEMPLATE „,

    template: „#VAL#“



    VAL:=Hello World

{apply MY_TEMPLATE /}`);

Nice to know now.. i will try this solution..

Create Standby with Oracle 19.16?

I hit Bug 34446152 – [DATAGUARD_BRKR] 19.16 onward broker shows „ORA-16705: internal error in Data guard broker“ (Doc ID 34446152.8)

If you decide to create an DG Environment, do it with 19.14 or 19.20 but not with 19.15-19.19. I have not alot of infos about this Bug. But it is a … maybe you will HIT-Bug.

Okay after Upgrade (19.20)

Following Guide helps to startup DG-Standby from previouse cloned VM:

FYI: This Template VM is preconfigured to be ready for Standby Cloning with this steps:


mkdir /app_oracle/fra/C10P_A/standbylog

sql+ /app_oracle/local/dbsetup/19/crdb/11_standby.sql

vi /etc/oratab => don't start the DB after cloning vm
change listener.ora -- check standby entries
change tnsnames.ora -- check standby entries

/etc/hosts -- add the tomdg02 host + ip

now we can clone

Okay now you can start und Setup the Standbyside:


change listener.ora -- remove the primary and active the standby part
change tnsnames.ora -- same here
mkdir  /app_oracle/fra/C10P_B
cp /tmp/demo_stby.ctl /app_oracle/data/C10P_A/ctrl1.ctl
cp /tmp/demo_stby.ctl /app_oracle/fra/C10P_A/ctrl2.ctl
mkdir  /app_oracle/fra/C10P_B

sqlplus "/as sysdba"

startup nomount;
alter system set db_recovery_file_dest='/app_oracle/fra/C10P_B' scope=spfile;
alter system set db_unique_name=C10P_B scope=spfile;
shutdown immediate;
startup mount;



lsnrctl start C10P

Now we can start the Primary instance tomdg01


sqlplus "/as sysdba"

lsnrctl start C10P

--test the connection best on both sides!

sqlplus sys/@dg_c10p_a;
sqlplus sys/@dg_c10p_b;

Now lets enable the DG:

dgmgrl sys/@dg_c10p_a

create configuration C10P as primary database is c10p_a connect identifier is DG_C10P_A;
add database c10p_b as connect identifier is DG_C10P_B maintained as physical;

edit database c10p_b set property ApplyLagThreshold=0;
edit database c10p_b set property TransportLagThreshold=0;
edit database c10p_a set property ApplyLagThreshold=0;
edit database c10p_a set property TransportLagThreshold=0;
edit database c10p_a set property 'logxptmode' ='sync' ;
edit database c10p_b set property 'logxptmode' ='sync' ;

enable configuration ;

-- alter system switch logfile --
show configuration;
show database c10p_b;
show database c10p_a;

The Broker shows the Current status of the Standby

After a while.. 

DGMGRL> show configuration

Configuration - c10p

  Protection Mode: MaxPerformance
  c10p_a - Primary database
    c10p_b - Physical standby database

Fast-Start Failover:  Disabled

Configuration Status:
SUCCESS   (status updated 54 seconds ago)

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