Beste Apex Release ever is here..

Oracle APEX 23.1 has introduced a number of new features and improvements that enhance and expand the development experience. Here are some of the highlighted features:

  1. Template Components Unleashed: With APEX 23.1’s Template Components, building UI components is made easy and reusable. They can be rendered as standalone regions or within reports, and they support actions, menus, and custom attributes.
  2. PWA Push Notifications: The push notifications keep users updated whether they’re on desktop or mobile. They allow for easy subscription management and a manageable queue of notifications. The setup is very quick and straightforward.
  3. Developer Experience: The improvements to the Object Browser in APEX 23.1 offer a modernized design and enhanced editing experience. It also has improved performance and accessibility.
  4. Page Processing Improvements: With the new Page Process Type – Execution Chains, you can keep your page processes organized and under control. You can now monitor and report on running background executions, making your life as an APEX developer more efficient and enjoyable.
  5. REST Data Source Enhancements: With the REST Data Source Enhancements, you can invoke API for REST Sources, discover them with Swagger/OpenAPI, and enjoy the added flexibility of Raw Selectors.
  6. General Builder Improvements: With the General Builder Improvements, you can now copy pages from Create App, save and run pages from Code Editor, and access context-sensitive help. There is also native support for Property Graphs in Database 23c.
  7. APEX Approvals: With the Approvals component in APEX 23.1, you can keep your approval tasks on track by specifying due dates when creating them.
  8. Universal Theme and UX Improvements: The Universal Theme in APEX 23.1 has been updated and improved. It offers improved Template Components, improved icon fidelity, and an enhanced Region Display Selector.

These improvements and features contribute to making APEX an even more powerful platform for developing enterprise applications.